About us

Boating education and maritime training is our business.

Boating is popular in all its forms, but there is a lot to learn. It is the skill and experience developed in various sea conditions, on different waterways and on various vessel’s which will make you a competent Skipper. It is important to be educated, aware and prepared for every circumstance that might arise.

Fun, relaxed, safe and challenging learning

We believe in fun, relaxed, safe and challenging learning for all students, regardless of experience or ability. Our courses and practical programs are designed to foster teamwork and student participation.

Jeff Jauncey
Skipper Jeff at the helm

Training Director, Jeff Jauncey has spent all his working life on the water. He holds current qualifications as a Master 35m NC (200nm EEZ), Marine Engineer MED I, Certificate  IV in Workplace Training and Assessment , Accredited NSW Roads and Maritime and Maritime Safety Victoria Boat Licensing Trainer and Examiner.

Career Highlights
Sydney Ports Tug and Pilot Master, NSW Maritime Boating Service Officer, Master and Engineer of large fleet charter vessels, Navy Tug Master, Master Sydney Ferries and Fast Ferries, Master Brisbane City Cats, Barge Master, Maritime Trainer and Sailor. Founder of NSW’s first practical boat licence training courses.


Our goal is simple, to bring boating education and maritime training to everyone interested in a maritime career, or recreational enjoyment.  To build confidence, knowledge, skills and safety awareness.

Looking forward to having you aboard!