Boats anchored in bay

Nine reasons to Sea the Good in Boating

Boats anchored, kayaker and jetski on smooth waters

Whether your vessel of choice is a large cruiser, tinnie, yacht or a kayak, simply getting out on the water is good for you.

Here is our list of nine of the best reasons to sea the good in boating:


Unplug! Everything can wait. Health problems such as stress, insomnia and depression have been linked to our lack of ability to power down our devices and switch off. Now that we are living with the coronavirus , its even more important to find time for some fun, happiness and relaxtion.

When you head out for your boat trip, it’s the perfect excuse to unplug and leave  fears ashore, even if it’s just for a few hours.

Proven health benefits

Sunshine provides Vitamin D which promotes healthy bones and is medically proven to improve mood. And, science says boating is good for health. Blue Mind is a best-selling book by marine biologist Dr. Wallace J. Nichols on the remarkable effects of water in all of its shapes and forms on our health and well-being.

These days as many of us are likely to be spending time in self-isolation and fresh air and the healthful aspects of sunshine may become a rare commodity. When heading out bring your sunscreen, and hand sanitiser.

Enjoy learning new skills

Boating is an activity that requires learning new skills. From obtaining a boating licence to learning how to operate your boat, how to use it for water sports, and how to clean and maintain it. Mastering new skills is good for the mind and for self-confidence. Boating provides these experiences in abundance.

Young man learning to drive boat

Connect with nature

Whether you’re into water sports or fishing, a trip to your nearest, river, lake or harbour is an adventure. It’s something to look forward to, especially now and over coming months as we deal with these difficult times. Boating will allow you to switch off from the real world where you can cruise along, observe the wildlife and watch a beautiful sunset or sunrise.

Together with friends and family

For many, the best part about boating doesn’t revolve  around the number of fish caught, but simply the opportunities it provides for boating fun with friends and family. Boating is quality time spent away from shore life. It creates an atmosphere that brings people together.

Boats anchored in bay

Make new friends

Join a community of fellow boating enthusiasts enjoying the waterways.

Boating knows no age!

Young and old alike can enjoy a day out on the boat. From the littlest crew to seasoned skippers, everyone can enjoy something on a boat. Skiing, tubing, fishing, and sightseeing are for everyone, including the dog!

Good physical exercise

Boating provides many opportunities to stay physically active. Just moving around your boat, docking or, simply breathing in the breeze coming off the water seems to strengthen the mind and body. If you looking for more exercise try water-skiing, tubing, wake-boarding, and fishing. Boating will keep you and your family or friends active, outdoors and off the couch.  Check out whitworths for a variety of tubes, wakeboards, life jackets, tow ropes and other things that will enhance your time on and in the water!


One of the best reasons for boating is simply because it’s great fun!

So, there it is. Boating really is good for you, for family, for relationships and for life!


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