Ulmarra Vehicular Ferry

Vehicular Ferries

Ulmarra Vehicular Ferry
Ulmarra vehicular ferry, Clarence River, NSW.

Vehicular ferries are significantly restricted in their ability to manoeuvre. Give way to them.

Vehicular ferries drag themselves across channels using wire cables. These cables are below the water and the danger of striking a ferry wire may not be seen. As the the ferry is being hauled across the river it causes the front cable to become taut and rise up towards the surface.  The best option is to wait until ferry is on the bank and loading/unloading when the cables are slack.

What to do when approaching a vehicle ferry

  • Slow down to 4 knots within 100 metres and sound a signal if you crossing and the ferry has not departed.
  • Do not pass ahead of vehicular ferry whilst it is travelling across the river. Stop, give way and wait until it has  reached the ramp.
  • A vehicular ferry underway will display a orange all-round flashing light by day and night.

At night the vehicular ferries display an all-round red light at both ends with an all-round green light over the red light to indicate the direction of travel.

Navigation Lights Vehicular Ferry

Keep to the starboard side or the river,  slow down and keep well clear.


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