Valentine’s dinner date afloat

Whether you want to make someone fall in love with you for the first time, or all over again, the answer may be a date on the water.  No matter what size or type your vessel is here’s how to have a great dinner date aboard.

Step 1: Best anchorages

Set course for your favourite bay or anchorage. Go to our destinations section to read more about anchorages on  Sydney Harbour, at Pittwater and Manly 

Don’t forget to bring a warm blanket to cuddle under it’s often cooler on the water at night!

Step 2: Drinks aboard

What would a romantic dinner aboard be without champagne. We’ve gone for a champagne cocktail and a non-alcoholic option.

Serves 2

First Mate’s Peach Delight
In 2 champagne glasses place:
2 slices of fresh ripe white or yellow peach
1 tbsp of peach brandy
Top with champagne

Lemon Fizz
2 1/2 cups of chilled lemonade
2/1/2 cups apple juice
4 lemons juiced
4 thin slices of lemon with the peel on
Ice cubes if you have them aboard

Mix the lemonade, apple juice and lemon juice with the sliced lemon in a jug. Add ice cubes and pout into champagne glasses.

Serve with fresh oysters, spiced nuts, olives or cheese.

We just love the Palm products range of non-slip acrylic drink ware with glow-in-the-dark stems.

Step 3: Dinner and dessert

Try our Valentines Dinner Menu prepared by partner, Food For Crew. It is designed to be easily prepared and served aboard or organised the night before for packing into a picnic hamper includes a provisioning list and preparation instructions.

Step 4: Returning to shore

Dinner and dessert have been great and the evening’s gone really well. But, it’s getting close to midnight and it’s either time to go below to your bunk or head back to the boat ramp or marina and home. If you’re driving your boat back to shore, check that your navigation lights are working, slow down and make sure the champagne you’ve enjoyed has not pushed you over the 0.5 alcohol limit.

More couples boating means more people are drawn into discovering the many great aspects of boating. Remember, boating dates can be enjoyed year round.

Happy Valentine’s!


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