How boaties can get involved in marine conservation

Image Source: Ocean Conservancy Organisation

Marine conservation is the protection and preservation of ecosystems in the oceans and seas. It focuses on limiting human-caused damage to marine ecosystems and on restoring damaged marine ecosystems.

There are many complex challenges when it comes to a clean and healthy ocean, but one problem is simple to understand – TRASH, RUBBISH, LITTER!

Trash in the waterways:

  • Compromises the health of humans, wildlife and the livelihoods that depend on a healthy ocean.
  • Threatens tourism and recreation, and the dollars they add to our local economies.
  • Complicates shipping and transportation by causing navigation hazards; and generates steep bills for retrieval and removal.

Unfortunately, when you see dirty beaches and floating rubbish when you’re boating, it’s just the tip of the iceberg. Much more lies unseen beneath the surface and far away on the open water.
That’s why groups like the Australian Marine Conservation Society and Ocean Conservancy are taking bold action, working to stop the flow of trash at the source, before it has a chance to reach the water to choke and entangle dolphins or endanger sea turtles, or ruin beaches and depress local economies. A healthy ocean means more than beautiful coasts and vibrant ocean wildlife. Healthy oceans supply the air we breathe, the food we eat and the water we drink. If the ocean isn’t healthy, neither are we.

You can become one of the millions of people who are making the pledge to support a healthy ocean and a healthy planet. Go to the Australian Marine Conservation Society and Ocean Conservancy for information on how you can get involved.

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