The history of the logbook

LogbookIllustrationThe log book has been used by Mariners for hundreds of years to record distances travelled, speed and position fixes on the navigation chart.

Today’s logbooks also contain other types of information such as; weather conditions, sea state, current affects, tides, way points, crew complement, engine issues or what ports were docked at and when.

The ships log is used to provide a record events and it can help crews navigate should radio, radar or GPS fail. Examination of the ships log is often used to try and explain an incident, much like the “black box” on aircraft.

Logbooks are required to be filled in daily and on regular intervals during coastal passages on all commercial vessels and it is a good idea to have one for your boat. Many boat owners treasure their old logbooks as a way of remembering a particular trip, anchorage or hazard encountered.

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