The value of learning practical boat training

Before driving a car you had to learn practical skills and the rules of the road. You should should do the same before taking the helm.

In NSW a general boat licence allows you to Skipper any power-driven recreational vessel of any size, except a PWC, (jetski) which requires a special licence.

A Skipper has acquired seamanship skills when he/she:

  • Knows and understands the collision regulations, local rules, channel markers, navigation light requirements together with the ability to observe, act and handle your vessel competently.
  • Has the right safety gear and equipment on board.

Whether you are new to boating or, already have some experience,no matter what size your vessel is, we recommend undertaking boating education or training to learn the skills you need to manage risk and protect the safety of yourself, family, friends, crew and other boaters on the water.

Most people new to boating need to spend a minimum of one day a week over a three month period to gain the skills required to become a safe competent Skipper. Remember, boating skills and seamanship cannot be taught in a day. Like learning to drive a car, these skills are learned over time, with practice and in varying conditions.

To protect the safety of yourself, family, friends and other boaters on the water its important to have a have learned the correct basic seamanship skills.


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