Vehicular Ferries

Putney Punt Mortlake, Sydney
Putney Punt Mortlake, Sydney

Have you experienced a trip on a vehicle ferry? If not, do! It highlights some of the risk factors Ferry Masters on these punts face.

The Putney Punt on the Paramatta River crossing from Putney to Mortlake is an area where near collisions with recreational vessels and wire cabling occurs all too frequently.The Putney Punt crosses regularly, defined by a red light flashing ashore and on the Punt to signify that it is underway. It is an area all Skippers should treat with caution.

What to do when approaching a vehicle ferry
Proceed at a speed of no more than four knots within 100 metres of these ferries. In the case of the Putney Punt, the river bank where the ferry departs juts out is shallow therefore it is crucial to keep to the starboard (right) side of the river and slow down!

Stay right, slow down, be safe.


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